Fancam Post 1: Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Fiestar, Blady, SUS4

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Fiestar Jei 2015
Fancams were always part of the K-Pop experience but lately there is extra attention to them.

EXID's Up&Down reached number one one the charts because of Hani's fancam, Pocket Girls made headlines with one of their fancam , and  Koreaboo managed to make viral a fancam with Minhee of Stellar performing Mask.

Watch 6 selected fancams from this month below!

Οι fancam ήταν πάντα μέρος της K-Pop αλλά είναι της μόδας το τελευταίο διάστημα.

Το Up&Down των EXID έφτασε στη κορυφή των charts λόγω της fancam της Hani, οι Pocket Girls έγιναν θέμα και λόγω μιας fancam τους, και το Koreaboo έκανε viral μια fancam της Minhee των Stellar με το τραγούδι Mask.

Δείτε έξι επιλεγμένες fancams αυτού του μήνα παρακάτω!

Girl's Day - Darling (Yura)

Girl's Day Yura Fancam
Yura (Girl's Day)

Dal Shabet - Joker (Serri)

Dal Shabet Serri Fancam
Serri (Dal Shabet)

Rainbow - A (Hyunyoung)

Rainbow Hyunyoung Fancam
Hyunyoung (Rainbow)

Blady - Oochie Walla Walla

Blady Oochie Walla Walla Fancam

Fiestar - One More

Fiestar One More Fancam
Cao Lu (Fiestar)

SUS4 - Invitation (Hena)

SUS4 Hena Invitation Fancam
Hena (SUS4)

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